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Here is a sample of links and information that you'll find in the members-only section:

As a member of the Ottawa Jaguar club you'll have access to all the technical tips, links, lessons learned, articles written by Club members, service manual library, special diagnostic tools and information exclusive to member to assist in the maintenance, repair and restoration of your Jaguar.

Technical Links (open source):
Instrument gauge maintenance and repair XJ6-XJ12- Youtube link
How NOT to remove your coil springs (YouTube link)
Zinc in oil and its effect on older engines - Web article
Tire related information - Web article
Basic MIG Welding - running welds (YouTube)
Advanced MIG Welding (YouTube)
Positive Ground Cars (web article)
Stopping cooling system corrosion - British Motoring club New Oleans - Web article
Brake fluid 101 - All you need to know - Web article
Brake bleeding - Web article
Jaguar 4.0 & 4.2L V8 Engine service - Web article

Sample of Techinical articles written by club members:
Refinish your leather Phil Karam
How to refinish the wood in your Jaguar by Bob Higgs

Local dealers Links:
Jaguar Ottawa - 1300 Michael Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1B 3N2 - 613-744-5500
Jaguar Hunt Club -  295 West Hunt Club RD, Ottawa, Ontario, K2E 1A6 - 613-727-4622

Car value Links:
This is the guide that the provincial government uses in order to determine the value of a used vehicle for the last 8 years.
Cars older than 8 years are covered in one of their other booklets.
You need a subscription for these booklets, however the Ottawa Public Library has copies available for borrowing.

Expressed in US$, this site is the most comprehensive site for valuing classic cars, as well as charting historical trends.
In my opinion, Hagerty is also the preferred choice for insuring classic cars.