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Ottawa Jaguar Club - July 2024 Jaguar Jottings
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Welcome to the Ottawa Jaguar Club, an association of Jaguar and Daimler owners and fanciers.  The Club was formed in 1985 and currently has over 80 members, mainly in the National Capital Region. 
We publish a monthly newsletter, the Jaguar Jottings, which contains a record of events and activities. 
If you would like to become a member, visit the About Us page to find an application form and more information.  Club members have full access to the Members pages for technical information, archives, photos, and more benefits of being a member. 
Attention OJC Members. You may have noticed that the position of Jottings Editor is vacant (or open?).  If you might be interested in devoting a few hours a month to become the Jottings Editor (a collector of Member articles to be handed over to the Publisher to make pretty), contact Bonnie Newson at
Below are some photos of our club members’ prized cats…