Mike O'Brien's S Type


The End

The keeper and the donor

The donor

The donor

The donor interior is grey with a blue carpet.It is the better of the two sets and will be rejuvenated and redyed grey.

The rear seat is in reasonable condition and requires little repair

The keeper car came with no transmission and an engine that was in pieces and was beyond repair. The engine from the donor car will be rebuilt and the DG 250 transmission will be checked. If no good it will be replaced with a 4 speed standard , hopefully with OD.

The wood from both cars will be removed during the winter of 2007 and 2008 and will be stripped and revarnished. This is from the keeper.

The engine compartment is now stripped

The interior is all out except the wiring

After some hammering on the trailing arms the IRScame out

 last updated March 28, 2016

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Mike O'Brien's S Type

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