Mike O’Brien’s 1992 Black Cherry VDP - The Rise of the Phoenix
# 31 last of the 100

In the beginning

Then out of nowhere comes this woman and the joy dissappears

Mike O'Brien says I will save you

What an idiot

Off to the hospital

a six wheel Jaguar

The back end looks OK

This side too

The rack is disconnected

The passenger side floor. The lifted floor and damaged footwell at the top of the photo- no damage to the firewall above or the tunnel

The passenger seat is out to check the floor

The Donor XJ6 with a missing inner fender

Oh the pain

The new/old fender cut and ready for transport

The engine had to be removed to permit room to work inside the engine bay in preparation for pulling the inner fender. Phil Karam checks the rear jack stands that were at their maximum.




The Doers-Phil Karam, Al Graves(arms raised) Vikram Ambrose (the transmission man) and Merv Clark-A great Club team

Going out to allow the pulling table to be positioned

Table in place-car returning-moved and suspended by a tractor

On the table

Car on the rack-anchors attached

passenger side sill pulled 3.5 inches

Roof line high by 1/4 inch

Puller attached to cutoff inner fender

Longer view of the connection to the left

Stretching versus Amputation
When the project was first designed the plan was to stretch the inner fender back to where it was before the accident. To do that, as you have seen above, we had to pull the engine and transmission. That revealed serious buckling of the inner fender about one foot forward of the firewall as well as a buckled box frame part. There were two pulls. One of 2.5 inches and one of an inch. While the car was straight at that point the inner fender had many creases and the box frame was dented. It was decided at that point to remove the buckled and therefore weak metal and replace some or all of the inner fender.Those photos follow.

This photo shows the box frame where the piece was cut out to remove the weak bend that could not be pulled out


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