Lee Harrington's Mk2 

7 years in the waiting


This Mk 2 was purchased by Mike O'Brien in Pittsburg in 2005 as a project. It was determined to be too difficlult at the time and was sold to Bob Higgs. Mike got it back from Bob in a trade for a 97 VDP and sold it to Lee. The time has come to get on with it. The pictures below speak for themselves except that it now has been the subject of Club technical days. The project began in 2012.

In the beginning

pass sill

In December 2012 it was decided to restore this car. After some sweat work and acquisition of two parts cars, the project will see the car converted to wire wheels and an overdrive standard transmission from automatic. An offer was made to Club Members to participate. The photos below show the progress.

The Photos below are the first technical day in December 2012

The Technical Team

Now the beginning of the end

Rob Dunlop
Vikram Ambrose
Louis Robichaud
Rick Mutzke
Craig Turner
Steve Fox
Bob Hiland
Merv Clarke
Lee Harrington 
Mike O'Brien

From here is Technical Day 2-12 January 2013

too many hands

This series of photos shows the collective effort to remove the front cross member and steering gear and the engine. The car is being converted to wire wheels and standard transmission


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Lee Harrington's MK2

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