Don Warren’s 1964 E-Type FHC

The following article appeared in the Toronto Star in March 2015

Eye candy: 1964 Jaguar E Type FHC

One of the iconic design’s claims to fame was being able to go 150 mph ‘right out of the box.’ Don Warren’s could probably do it now — he has restored the Fixed Head CoupĂ© to factory spec. 150 mph “right out of the box”

The car: 1964 Jaguar E Type

The owner: Don Warren, Rednersville, Prince Edward County

The story: I have always had a passion for British sports cars, starting with my first car, a 1965 MGB which I purchased in 1971 for $500. In 2006, I realized my dream of owning a Jaguar E Type. A good friend brought to my attention an ad on the Internet for a 1964 Jaguar E Type FHC (for Fixed Head CoupĂ©, as opposed to a convertible). It was located in Los Angeles. After a few emails and pictures back and forth, I forwarded a bank draft for $17,000 and it was mine. With a friend’s landscaping trailer I headed off to California to pick it up. It had sat for 19 years and was sadly in need of a full restoration. Perfect for what I was looking for!

The restoration process began with my taking the car apart, down to every last nut, bolt and washer I started the research to determine what needed to be done to return it back to factory original specs. Over the span of 45 years, things change! I had all the fasteners re-plated, rebuilt the engine, installed a new interior, and refurbished all the mechanical and electrical systems. A good friend of mine, Wayne Barratt, performed his magic on the body work and paint. The car is now completely back to original specifications and drives great. When the Jaguar E Type was introduced in 1961, its claim to fame was that it would reach 150 mph “right out of the box.”

My enjoyment has been achieved by bringing a styling icon back to life with lots of hands on involvement. In the summer months, I average about 3,000 miles (just under 5,000 kilometres) cruising around Prince Edward County where I live

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