My aim was to build a driver as close to the original as I could. By doing as much of it as possible myself, the achievement could be enjoyed without destroying the budget. The task has been approached one piece at a time. Much has been learned about sandblasting, mig welding, leading and metal fabrication. I am very grateful for the expert advice and assistance from club members and from Jaguar enthusiasts on the internet. When the car is done I will drive it and Helen and I will play golf.

Arrived home Oct 26, 2001. Seems a little rust here!

Oct 8, 2002 Work begins. Engine started 35,000 miles

At this point I wondered how long it would be before the engine went back in

Frame rails and front suspension separated from the body. Frame in good condition. Brackets behind the bulkhead disintegrated.

Grant Edwards inspecting his design of the invaluable rotisserie

Body inverted on the Rotisserie in the beginning. Outer sills had to be replaced

Rear quarter panel remove to reveal more rust. This was the starting point

By making templates from cardboard, replacement panels were constructed or bought and mig welded into place.

Upper Photo: Considerable rot at back of floor.Note ease of access for repair because of design of rotisserie.
Lower Photo: Templates for reconstruction of rear bulkhead panels. Rear closing panel made using a shrinker tool.

Front lower valence. Panel was sandblasted in driveway and rusted section was cut out

After careful measurement, new pockets for bonnet (hood) hinges were constructed and welded in placet

Bottom of car in primer. Another shot of the rotisserie in action. Once all panels were welded in place the metal was painted with POR 15 and then coated with Gravel Guard II

The edge of the hood had to be reconstructed to hold the "sugar scoop" for the headlight. New edge was butt welded and leaded

Aug 15 2006 Jag Club BBQ. Body off rotisserie temporarily so the outer sills could be fitted.

Following week, bonnet reconstructed. Panels patched or replaced. Paint stripped. Metal cleaned. Sprayed with epoxy primer.

Upper:Firewall stripped of rust and paint. New bottom corners. Lower: Bare metal washed with metal conditioner before being sprayed with epoxy primer. Transmission tunnel coated with Gravek Guard II., replacement for ashphalt coating. Welding done. October 2006

Body shell in high-build primer. Multiple coats and sanding, sanding, sanding. July 1 2007

Primer and surface levelling and more sanding

DIY spray booth. This fan effectively removed fumes from the garage

Complete body in primer on wagon masked and ready to paint

Final paint September 2007. Final spray thanks to Dale Seegobin. Basecoat-Clearcoat in Talisman silver. This is the same colour as Ed Theoret's XKE


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