Bryan Murphy’s 1965 S Type

Gary & Laurel Grant’s 1956 XK 140 DHC

Phil Karam’s 2004 XJ8

Phil Karam’s Black MK II

Mike O’Brien’s 66 S Type

Lee Harrington’s X Type Wagon

David Kenny’s 2+2

Al Graves 95 XJR

Mike O’Brien’s 1992 VDP + 31

Phil Karam’s1992 XJS 6cyl, manual 5 speed

Steve Fox’s X300



Ed Theoret and Peter Lewis's xk150s

1970 Jag 2+2 - Front - Lee Keeley

Paddy Robertson's 97 VDP

Two powerful British machines

Anthony Pearson’s 1974 Series 2 XJ6

Bob Hiland's E Type

The Grave's and Lee Harrington's  XJ-Ss

Mike O'Brien's 92 VDP

e-types belonging to: Longley, Woods, Goodman, Dunlop and Hobbs 

Tony Jeffries  XJS V12 Hess and Eisenhardt

Phil Karam's 1954 XK120 SE OTS

Dave Longley's 64 Series 1 FHC

Cliff Thompson’s XJS

Rob Dunlop's E Type with Dave Kenny's 2+2 behind

Phil Karam's 1955 XK140 DHC

Guy Goodman and friends

Jim Walker's 84 XJ-S

Phil Karam's X200

Yann Robin's MK2


Rob Dunlop's pair - XK8 and XKE

 Paddy and Stewart Robertson’s Series II XJ6C

Phil Karam's X200 Monaco

Michael Jackson and his XJS

Hugh Siddon’s XK8

If you wish to have a photo of your car posted please e-mail a jpg copy to the webmaster.

fall drive ConvoyByMadawaskaRiver

Fall Drive convoy by Madawaska River

John Wood’s 36 Jaguar

some chrome on
passenger side front

Mike O’Brien’s Bronti 2005 XJ8L

Dave and Helen Clyne's 1970 E-type FHC

Helen's chariot, 1996 VDP, backed by OPP cruiser

Marie Paule’s 1989 xjs convertible

Phil Karam’s 1952 XK 120 FHC

Lee Keeley’s 1993 XJS 4.0L convertible

Lee Downhill’s 2004 XK8

Dave Botting’s 2005 XKR

James Walker

James Walker 1997 XK8 Coupe

lee keeley's 2003 xkr & 2006 x-type

Lee Keeley’s 2003 XKR and 2006 X-type Sport Premium


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