June 25 2017 - Wheels on the Mississippi.
Ottawa Jaguar Club members enjoyed an active day starting with the Wheels on The Mississippi Car show in Carleton Place. We started with seven club cars on the field and a few more “non-classics” parked on the street. There were well over 100 cars of all description present. There was also a good selection of food and refreshments available as well.
A little after two hours of checking out the field and car talk, the black clouds starting rolling in – then came the rain. We decided that it was time to head off to the beach and lunch party at Stewart and Paddy Robertson’s just a few minutes away. After all the cars were parked we ran into the house to get away from the rain. Once inside, the sun re-appeared! All had a great time enjoying their picnics plus dessert treats supplied by the Robertsons ... even ice cream bars to finish off! People and cars kept showing up ... there were about 35 or so party goers.
Continued in the July 2017 Jottings.

June 11 2017 - Concours & Family Day.
The club’s premier annual event was successfully held on 11 June…and what a difference a year makes!
The same day last year, hardy Jag enthusiasts shivered through a cold, cloudy, blustery day with the only respite being numerous cups of coffee while huddling under the hand warmers in the washrooms. This year we were blessed with blue skies throughout and real heat…dare I say almost too warm. Demand for hot coffee was replaced by chilled bottled water. Our venue once again, the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum, was in perfect shape for the event with a manicured green field and lush foliage.
Considering the perfect weather, the turnout could have been better with but 34 Jags present, about the same as the “chill fest” the previous year. As for out-of-towners, we were very pleased to have a contingent of three cars from the Torontobased JCNA club, Ontario Jaguar Owners’ Association (OJOA) in attendance. Veteran attendee Henry Huxsel joined us once again this time as sole Montreal representative with attendance likely limited by the same day Canadian Grand Prix. Mike Beverley from Brockville returned with his two E-types.

Continued in the July 2017 Jottings

The success of another superb concours day was due largely to the numerous club volunteers who pitched in to ensure it all ran smoothly. Those deserving of a “many thanks” are Concours Chair John Blais who took care of the crucial organizational issues, Mike (“The Mover”) O’Brien who loaded up and lugged the gear to the site, the registration /scoring ladies (Jean Dunlop, Bonnie Newson, Louise Larabie with Paddy Robertson on trophies), Lee and Alex Harrington for the tasty lunch, the 12 concours judges, the three show car judges (Carol Lingelbach, Beverley Blais and Helen Harwood), Fergus Groundwater and helpers on parking, Bob Hiland on PR, Stewart Robertson and Alan Graves for photos, and treasurer Roy Fjarlie for printing the money. Finally, kudos to President Dave Kenny who with cool nerve stood by and allowed this crew to organize and run an event the results for which he is ultimately responsible.
Planning is already underway for next year including a return to the heritage village venue. If you didn’t attend the event this year, you missed a super day. It’s difficult to imagine a better way to partake in club membership with like minded Jaguar owners. If you weren’t there, give it some serious thought for 2018.

2017 Concours

May 21 2017 - Spring Drive.
(The 2017 driving season kicked off with the Spring Drive, held 21 May. Many thanks to organizer Alan Graves for setting it up and leading the gaggle. Editor).

All week we wondered whether the weather would force a rain-delay – the forecasts were doom-ridden. But the day itself produced no more than a couple of short showers. Eight cars and 15 people converged on Tim Horton’s in Almonte, including a Bentley and a Land Rover.

Around 9:25 we headed out, heading west along 16/The Lavant road, through the Lanark Highlands countryside, passing by Robertson Lake and through Poland (Ontario version) and Lavant down to Snow Road Station on a winding country road. From there we headed south in convoy past Stump Lake down through Elphin to our specially arranged coffee stop at the Fall River Restaurant and Country Store at Maberley.

After coffee we continued southwards on 36, through Bolingbroke and down to Westport, where we parked and scattered for an hour to explore before lunch at the Cove Inn. We finally left the Cove Inn at 2;40 and headed back to Ashton via Perth and the Tennyson Road, alongside the Mississippi River.

We had cancelled the Perth stop by consensus since the weather was “iffy” and we suspect that some wanted to catch the tail end of “the game” – which was a disaster… but that’s a whole other story.
Alan Graves

February 11 2017 - 2017 OVTC Interclub Darts Tourney
A scant five days after our own darts event, it was time to take on the other UK car clubs in the annual friendly rivalry for dart playing supremacy and bragging rights, hosted by the Ottawa Valley. Triumph Club (OVTC).

OJC representation was limited to three as an obvious ploy of quality over quantity; Mike O’Brien, Lee Harrington and Dave Batten. That said, club affiliation was a tad confused with OJC/OVTC member Dave, resplendent in his Jag T-shirt playing on an OVTC team. Lee and Mike (also an MG club member) made up the sole OJC entry.

With competition underway, the Barrhaven Legion echoed with the dull thuds of darts hitting the boards (for the most part), munching pizza (yet again) and guzzled beverages (of various types). Our team of Mike and Lee hung in all the way to the semis before losing out to the winners… the OVTC team of Dave Batten (yes,”our” Dave Batten) and Phil Totten.

Well done to Mike and Lee for a near thing…there’s always next year! Congrats to the winners. We can take some comfort in the victorious team comprising at least 50% Jaguar content. Many thanks to the Triumph Club for once again including us in this longstanding and enjoyable annual event.

February 6 2017 - 2017 Darts ‘n’ Pizza
Once again, club members took up the challenge of our annual darts tourney at St Anthony’s on a nasty evening 6 Feb, the cast of characters as follows:
Guy Goodman – Grand Fromage, organizer, player
Christine Goodman – spectator, cheerleader
Brian Goodman – grandson, player
Sue & Alan Graves – players
Lee Harrington – player
Alex Harrington – spectator, cheerleader
Merv Clarke – player
Tony Jeffries – player
Peter Whitworth – player
Bob Hiland – Pizza delivery, spectator, cheerleader
After much intense competition amid rousing, enthusiastic spectating (okay, the occasional hoot of laughter) and with few minor injuries, Guy Goodman and Peter Whitworth were crowned the victors with Lee Harrington and Al Graves a close second. Congrats to the winners and a special thanks to Guy Goodman for setting up the competition and Bob Hiland for overall organization and picking up the nibbles.

January 2017 - Tribute to Founding Member Dave Boon
As noted in the Christmas Dinner report, the club was honoured to have founding member number 11 Dave Boon and his wife Frances join us to receive recognition for his 30 years of membership and service to OJC. Dave Boon is one of the few members who drove competitively over the years and has lots of tales and memories. Rather than relate them anew, I dusted off the excellent member profile written by him and then-editor Ray Newson which first appeared in the December 2005 Jaguar Jottings. Please add eleven years to dates and event timings when reading the following fascinating tale. Editor.

See the January 2017 Jottings for Dave Boon’s Story

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