This is the guide that the provincial government uses in order to determine the  value of a used vehicle for the last 8 years.
Cars older than 8 years are covered in one of their other booklets.
You need a subscription for these booklets, however the Ottawa Public Library has these in their reference section for free to look at.

This is the guide that the new/used car dealers use in order to value a car for trade-in and for purchasing a car at auction.
It covers the last 14 years and is free over the Internet.
It also gives you the average asking price.

Expressed in US$, this site is the most comprehensive site for valuing classic cars, as well as charting historical trends.
In my opinion, Hagerty is also the preferred choice for insuring classic cars.

Expressed in US$, this site values classic cars as well as current models located in USA.

Expressed in US$, this site covers cars that are no more than 25 years old, located in USA.

This is the most comprehensive site for tracking collector cars sold at auction.
Under the heading 'price guide' - 'auction companies', you can track most major auction company results from Britain and USA from as far back as 2001.
Since it also lists the auction company websites, you can dwell further into the actual offerings/results

What is the Value of my Car?

This section covers links that will guide you on valuing a used car, as well as links on guiding you on valuing a 'classic car'.

Included is a link directing you to the past auction results of all the auction houses that you can think of.


 last updated April 05, 2020

Car Values

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